sunset at l'Hermitière
Oil on canvas 100x65cm, sold
Landscape in Le Perche
Acrylic on canvas 100x65cm , price : 430€
Horses in early morning
Oil on canvas 100x65cm, price 380€
Automn morning at Saint Ulphace
oil on canvas 65x54cm, price: 380€
Bouboul le pêcheur
Oil on canvas 50x65cm, vendue
Fountain in provence
Oil on canvas, 50x60cm, price: 380€
Le moulin de Gemage (in le Perche)
Oil on canvas, 100x65cm, sold
The forest of l Hermitière or the orchestra
Oil on canvas, 100x65cm, prix: 600€, an attempt to...
House in Normandy
Oil on canvas, 65x54cm, sold
Self potrait in 2005
Oil on canvas 40x40cm
Market day at (at la Ferte Bernard France)
Oil on canvas 80x80cm, price: 680€
little chirch of suburbs of Paris
Oil on canvas 40x60cm, sold
Young woman reading
Oil on canvas, 64x76cm, price:480€
Portrait of a woman
Oil,on canvas, 40x40cm, sold
Portrait of a young woman
Oil on canvas, 60x60cm, not on sell
Deepwater works
Oil on canvas, 76x56cm, price:2200 €
The little dancer
Acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 sold
The sleepers
Oil on canvas , 80 x 60 cm price : 780 €
La roulotte du Perche
Oil on canvas 81 x 60 cm , price: 450€
Le Perche
Oil on canvas 100 x 65 x 2 cm price: 680 €
Horses in the morning
Nous souhaitons de véritables négociations avec le...
Autumn morning at St Ulphace
Nous souhaitons de véritables négociations avec le...



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