All cliparts and graphics you need to make your technical and instruction manuals

Collection of 2384 technical cliparts

Collection of 2384 technical cliparts


2384 vector clip art FOR ONLY  39 USD

You will get vector graphics: a file in adobe Illustrator format (.ai) and a file in Corel Draw (.cdr) that you can import in the most publishing programs.

Cylindrical Head Screw Convex Head Screws Hexagonal Head screws Countersunk Head Screws Large Head Screws Metal Screws Square Head Screws  Treaded Pins  Fin Screws     WoodScrews  Nuts01 Nuts02 Washers01 Washers02 Washers03 Pins01 Pins02 Axels  BallBearings SlidingBearings Rivets  Needle Bearings  Cylinder Bearings Joints O-Ring Torus Ring Tubes Circlips Springs  Conical Gear Wheels  Stoppers

PLUS: Chains, Endless Screw GearWheels, Chain  Grease Nipples, Helical GearWheels, Pulleys, Straps,  Shafts, Straight GearWheels, Theaded bolts, Weels for Chains



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